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Summary list of the main newsgroups providers (order by retention and best offer for unlimited transfer - all accept PayPal actually):
Usenet Server Provider

Price for 50 GB
price for
>2100 days
9.99$ for Unlim GB
30 conn.
Includes a free Newshosting newsreader (can search, preview and download directly from newsgroups), unlimited downloads, uncapped speed, Free SSL, 30 connections and max retention.
1 Year Unlimited Plan cost $99.99.
    best price anywhere
    best price for new customer
>2100 days
Also offers a FREE version of News Rover (built-in search engine, RAR/PAR support and JPEG picture gallery).
>2100 days
Special offer: Unlimited DSL for $11 every month with no speed limit and no download limits. You will pay $11 for every month as long as your subscription remains active and the price will not raise.
>2100 days
11.99$ for 30 conn.
One plan - one price, also SSL, no searchable engine but 30 connections allowed with no GB limits
>2100 days
14.95$ for 15 conn.
First month - 50% off, no web access to newsgroups, 30 connections cost 19.99$
>2100 days
10.00$ for unlim GB
(10 conn.)
Unlimited plan offers up to 20 connections and SSL. UNS offers GlobalSearch with NZB creator. You can search the most popular newsgroups for specific keywords and then build an NZB from your results.
1 Year High-Speed Unlimited Plan cost $95.40.
    best one year plan
>2100 days
14.99$ for 50GB
Great completion and speed, offers also Giganews Accelerator Software which make downloads fasters, all plans include 256-bit SSL, mimo - Usenet Browser and 5 GB online storage. Platinum Account for $19,99 offers: 20 Connections.
Special offer for Giganews customers:
New customers will receive 50% off ($14.99) Diamond accounts for the first three months. Diamond includes: 50 Connections, VyprVPN and 30 GB online storage
>2000 days*
9.95$ for 20 conn.
9.98$ for 20GB
Offers BEST WEB SEARCH ENGINE with AutoUnRAR (no 3rd Party Newsreader Required), all with SSL + Rollover Gigs, unlimited connections. The Big Gig plan also includes unlimited NNTP access.
* Retention is : 2000 days for NNTP or 365-1700 days for Web Retention and depends from the service package that you choose.
    best web access & search
    best price for unlimited
Web-Based Usenet:
The web-based service gives users direct access to Easynews Usenet via any web browser such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer. Just point your browser to and proceed to the Main Members Area. From there, users have 24x7 access to the Easynews web-Usenet interface for searching, previewing and transferring articles. Here is a video tutorial.
>2000 days
11.99Ä for 35GB
unlim speed
Offers only one package for 11.99Ä/15.98$ (monthly payment) or 8.33Ä/11.10$ (yearly payment) with unlimited high-speed volume up to 35GB/month, then speed is limited to 2000 kbit/s. 14 days of free trial offers 300 GB download volume.
>2000 days
13.26$ for 30GB
offers own software with thumbnails and slide shows
Retention bigger then 2000 days
Retention smaller then 2000 days
240 days
9.95$ for 2 conn.
$19.95 plan offers 6 connections
10 days
6.00$ for 2 conn.
the worst retention in the table, 12$ for 10 connections, 18$ for 20 connections per IP
Not exist anymore
soon more....
last update: 2014.07.01

Usenet (what it is?)
Usenet is a global system of computers that exchange messages on thousands of subjects of interest. Messages are posted to newsgroups, which are organized into hierarchies, or groups that are sorted by a topic or subject of interest. As for today, there are millions of people around the world sharing ideas every day on newsgroups.

There are also thousands of newsgroups dedicated to sharing and downloading binary files. Binary files are data files and they can be jpegs, mpegs, bmp files, avi files, in fact, any file other than a text file is a binary file. Using, you will find only the best Usenet providers to choose from.

Binary Retention
The term file retention means the period of time newsgroup articles are made available on the news server. Old articles and files need to be removed to make space for newer articles and files. As soon as the hard disc of news provider is filled up, the oldest files are automatically deleted to make room for the newest ones.

Actually the best news providers offers text retention up to 1900 days and binary retention of even 1700 days or more with over 18000 terabytes (18 petabytes = 4 000 000 DVDs) of uploads available.
Mostly the increase in retention will neither affect current pricing or existing plans of news providers.

How to?
You have two choices on how to search and download from newsgroups:

1. Traditional way - by NNTP server.

Using newsgroups is very simple. Usenet newsgroups are managed by NNTP servers, and only one thing you need to know is an NNTP server address. Every Usenet service provider has its own NNTP address and you can use indexing sites like Binsearch or NZBindex or NZBFriends to find content on these servers. The indexing sites are independent indexing sources (like Google), but are used to search usenet binaries files posted on newsgroups. From any of these sites you can download links (NZB files), which give you the location of those binary files.

If you are searching popular stuff, then number of results can be confusing, like 100 books with this same name but different content. This same can be with a movie that you founded. Its copy can look like HD, but inside it has subbed Chinese subtitles (subtitles burnt throughout the movie). Sometimes files contain text files (.info files) with full information about posting content or sample files. If they are missing then you can download the most sufficient file and check it.

So you have got NZB files, now you need a program to read it and download. I'm using GrabIt. It is very simple, it reads NZB files, automatically verify, repairs and extract the downloaded files. Some other popular download tools are: UnzBin, SABnzbd or NewsLeecher (the last is a paid-for service).
Downloading this way is very simple, but it can be difficult to search. Remember that all posted to newsgroups files are compressed into rar archives. And this free indexing sites doesn't look inside them. You are searching only by its file names, which doesnít always return the same file that you were looking for.

Other alternative way that I'm using:

2. Simple Easynews web account.

Easynews is a Usenet provider that offers full access + an easy interface that you can use to search and download directly from newsgroups. The Global Search features is similar to NZB search sites, but offers one big advantage: It looks inside posted files and allows you to sample the content (i.e. screenshots, audio clips and picture previews) before you run any downloads. Easynews also lets you search for files according to file format, size, or even language languages. Simple, right? :)

You can download files with Easynews just from searching every page one by one, or if there are more results, then you can compress them into one archive. Just select the files you want, click the ZIP icon and the downloads will start. Keep in mind that youíre using a web browser, so you donít need any other tools to search or download with. You can download files with Easynews just from searching every page one by one, or if there are more results, then you can compress them into one archive. Just select the files you want, press the ZIP icon and archive will be ready to download.
Keep in mind that youíre using a web browser, so you donít need any other tools to search or download with.

Easynews also gives you the ability to search and download NZB files, so you donít need any indexing sites that we mentioned earlier. However, if you prefer to use those indexing sites, Easynews allows you to import your NZB files.

Why Easynews has a better offer than other?
1. All in one package: Search, preview and download through 1 interface.
2. You can look inside archives and search by files inside archives (for example, you can search all posts inside an archive to find 1 particular file that you are looking for).
3. You can download files from archives one by one, instead of the entire archive (like only one song from a top 1000 hits);
4. You can check the files inside an archive before downloading (see video previews or listen to audio samples);
5. You can add to search even some crazy options, like: picture size, quality of music or movie frame, and many other :)
6. You could probably add to this list more features after a few weeks of using Easynews :)

Why NNTP access can be sometimes better then web-based Easynews?:
1. If posted files are password protected, thereís no way to see inside them for Easynews, actually some about ~10% of them are password protected.
2. You are missing all information about directories when you are downloading unpacked archive (if there are any inside archive).

Most providers plans include this security protection. SSL means that all data passed from Usenet provider's servers to the customer's computer is encrypted.

Number of files from three biggest newsgroups
Counts posts from last 1700 days, counts date: 2014.12.11

Top 20 of the biggest newsgroups with video files bigger then 1 GB (all contain 1,476,328 movie files):
alt.binaries.boneless (124,547)
alt.binaries.cores (96,017)
alt.binaries.ath (95,289)
alt.binaries.hdtv.x264 (71,501) (71,055)
alt.binaries.teevee (64,244) (63,097)
alt.binaries.hdtv (61,510)
alt.binaries.multimedia (59,422)
alt.binaries.hdtv.german (58,167)
alt.binaries.u-4all (51,800) (39,442) (33,331)
alt.binaries.bloaf (29,034)
alt.binaries.dvd (27,873)
alt.binaries.ghosts (24,158)
alt.binaries.movies (21,409)
alt.binaries.misc (21,027)
alt.binaries.illuminaten (19,882)

Top 20 of the biggest newsgroups with BIN files (Binary Disc Image) (all contain 1,280,231 BIN files):
alt.binaries.warez (249,145)
alt.binaries.mp3 (100,755) (87,140)
alt.binaries.cores (65,871)
alt.binaries.console.ps3 (60,859)
alt.binaries.erotica (34,467) (30,078)
alt.binaries.test (23,343) (23,025) (22,358)
alt.binaries.b4e (17,460)
alt.binaries.ath (14,852)
alt.binaries.x (10,780) (10,490)
alt.binaries.etc (9,266)
alt.binaries.pcgame (9,163)
alt.binaries.ftd (9,095)
alt.binaries.dvd (8,194)
alt.binaries.comp (7,633)

Top 20 of the biggest newsgroups with comics files (CBR files) (all contain 425,729 CBR files):
alt.binaries.comics.dcp (83,159) (39,812) (33,337)
alt.binaries.ebook (21,840) (20,548) (10,571) (6,932) (5,698)
alt.binaries.e-book (5,527) (4,870) (4,528) (3,387) (3,385)
alt.binaries.e-books.german (3,056)
alt.binaries.comics.british (2,884)
alt.binaries.rar (2,207)
alt.binaries.ebooks (2,129)
alt.binaries.images (2,000)
alt.binaries.e-books (1,922)

Top 20 of the biggest newsgroups with high-quality audio files (FLAC)(all contain 5,268,089 FLAC files):
alt.binaries.sounds.lossless (843,919)
alt.binaries.boneless (707,359)
alt.binaries.cores (302,849) (235,694) (200,809)
alt.binaries.sounds (144,200)
alt.binaries.mp3 (117,219) (95,546)
alt.binaries.usenet2day (88,048) (81,712) (80,550) (73,158)
alt.binaries.sounds.lossless.classical (66,831)
alt.binaries.sounds.lossless.blues (65,366)
alt.binaries.sounds.lossless.flac (62,809)
alt.binaries.sounds.lossless.jazz (62,474)
alt.binaries.cavebox (57,685)
alt.binaries.lossless (49,639)
alt.binaries.multimedia (48,701)

Top 20 of the biggest newsgroups with ISO images (files with disk image) bigger then 1 GB (all contain 399,772 ISO files):
alt.binaries.dvd (44,910) (43,177)
alt.binaries.cores (30,602) (10,955)
alt.binaries.x (10,573)
alt.binaries.misc (9,995) (8,959)
alt.binaries.amazing (7,647)
alt.binaries.vcdz (7,355) (6,601) (6,490)
alt.binaries.ath (5,450)
alt.binaries.multimedia.vietnamese (5,092)
alt.binaries.dvd.german (4,713)
alt.binaries.test (4,489)
alt.binaries.usenet2day (4,459)
alt.binaries.b4e (4,429) (4,411)
alt.binaries.warez (4,238)

Top 20 of the biggest newsgroups with ISO images (files with disk image) bigger then 5 GB (all contain 293,145 ISO files):
alt.binaries.dvd (33,957) (32,202)
alt.binaries.cores (22,841)
alt.binaries.misc (8,260)
alt.binaries.x (8,082)
alt.binaries.amazing (6,669) (6,410) (6,125) (5,265)
alt.binaries.vcdz (4,447) (4,024)
alt.binaries.dvd.german (3,947) (3,914) (3,758)
alt.binaries.dvd.erotica (3,374)
alt.binaries.multimedia.vietnamese (3,348)
alt.binaries.usenet2day (3,320)
alt.binaries.ath (3,316)
alt.binaries.b4e (3,304)

Top 20 of the biggest newsgroups with high quality images, bigger then then 5 MB (all contain 2,529,643 images): (255,239)
alt.binaries.boneless (156,056)
alt.binaries.erotica (153,794) (80,902) (50,462)
alt.binaries.mp3 (50,324)
alt.binaries.misc (49,701) (44,926)
alt.binaries.sounds.lossless (26,441)
alt.binaries.usenet2day (24,777)
alt.binaries.cores (21,222)
alt.binaries.test (20,223)
alt.binaries.x (19,456)
alt.binaries.dominion.silly-group (18,008) (17,567)
alt.binaries.dvd (14,126) (12,829)
alt.binaries.kleverig (11,508) (8,726)

Top 20 of the biggest newsgroups with MKV files (it is an open standard free container format, mostly video) (all contain 1,910,116 MKV files):
alt.binaries.boneless (143,919)
alt.binaries.multimedia (138,230)
alt.binaries.cores (129,668) (109,882)
alt.binaries.ath (97,457)
alt.binaries.hdtv.x264 (96,195) (78,732)
alt.binaries.hdtv.german (75,126)
alt.binaries.anime (63,996)
alt.binaries.multimedia.anime (54,858)
alt.binaries.multimedia.anime.highspeed (51,066)
alt.binaries.hdtv (45,739)
alt.binaries.ghosts (45,729) (43,914)
alt.binaries.u-4all (42,546)
alt.binaries.bloaf (33,432)
alt.binaries.illuminaten (30,368) (30,202)
alt.binaries.vcdz (27,383)

Every day there are 12000 gigabytes (12 terabytes) of new files altogether in all newsgroups (12 terrabytes of new files every day)! It is like a 2600 new DVD's everyday!!!.

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